Schiphol airport: Pick up passengers with airport advertising before they take off

Startbild klAmsterdam Schiphol airport handles more than 71 million passengers per year, of which more than 35.6 million are departing passengers. This means that if you advertise with outdoor advertising in the departure area, you benefit from extremely high contact numbers and an equally large reach.It goes without saying that your advertising will be seen and perceived by an international audience. So, it is high time to launch an out-of-home campaign at this international hub!

Anyone who places outdoor advertising at an airport automatically benefits from a great advertising environment. As it is a protected advertising space that is cleaned daily and controlled by high security measures, your brand always shines in high brilliance. Furthermore, you give your brand an international status and truly carry the advertising message out into the world. Among the top 3 destinations at Amsterdam Schiphol are for example the USA, UK but also Spain.


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On average, passengers spend more than 156 minutes at Schiphol Airport. Bridge the waiting time of passengers and use it efficiently as advertising time! Some of the following airport advertising media are available in the departure area of Amsterdam’s airport:

  • Digital screens
  • backlit billboards
  • floor graphic etc.

No matter which advertising medium or media mix you choose, the fact is: if you rely on airport advertising at Amsterdam Schiphol, your advertising will generate high contact figures and an enormous reach among national and international passengers. Start your outdoor advertising now – ready to take off?

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