Airport advertising in Barcelona: when advertising takes off internationally

BILD 2 klDid you know that Barcelona Airport, also known as „El Prat de Llobregat Aeropuerto“, is the second largest airport in Spain? More than 36 million passengers are handled there every year and fly from there to national and international destinations. The number of contacts to be achieved is correspondingly high, and an enormous reach is also a certainty: Those who use airport advertising at a hub carry their brand message all over the world.

In the arrivals area of the airport alone, you have a large selection of different outdoor advertising media at your disposal. For example, make effective use of the waiting time of arriving passengers at the baggage claim area. On average, passengers wait 20 minutes for their bags, which means 20 minutes of outdoor advertising time for you! Draw attention to yourself and your brand, for example with the oversized „landscape surface“. Here you can advertise on a surface of more than 8m and be highly visible as an eye-catcher

BILD 3 kl

Barcelona Airport offers a great mix for various OOH campaigns, no question about it! Whether digital with “ city light posters“ or analogue with „wall posters“, your advertising will be well received by national and international passengers. Those who advertise here can confidently rely on strong contact rates – which are growing rapidly, because a look into the future reveals: airport advertising will double its reach in the next 20 years due to the growing number of passengers!

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