Outdoor advertising in Switzerland, not neutral but sympathetic

Have you ever asked yourself after an important conversation, be it with colleagues, superiors, or other decision-makers: What impression have I just made, do they like me, and did I come across as likeable?

It is man to have the need to be part of a group, to belong to it and, above all, to be liked – and the same applies to advertising! Whether OOH (out of home) or DOOH (digital out of home), outdoor advertising can only be as effective as it is received by the target audience. How good that a broad-based study on the topic of „Acceptance and Relevance of Outdoor Advertising“ in Switzerland proves this: Outdoor advertising, but especially billboard advertising, enjoys the greatest popularity among the Swiss!


Study on OOH in Switzerland

20211126 162228 klAlready at the beginning of 2022, a study was conducted for the „Association AWS Outdoor Advertising Switzerland“. The aim of this survey was to find out whether and how the population accepts outdoor advertising and what relevance this has. More than 1,000 people in the German and French-speaking parts of Switzerland were asked about their opinion of various advertising media. The focus was primarily on advertising placed by small and medium-sized enterprises, or SMEs for short. The impetus for the study came from the planned ban on poster advertising from 2025, which is currently still being hotly debated. Let’s put it this way: the results of this study will certainly fuel the final decision.





Rather to very likeable: Billboard is well received

Advertising media for posters (of all types) enjoy the highest level of acceptance in Switzerland, because more than 82% of the people surveyed do not find these OOH annoying, on the contrary. This is underpinned by the result that almost 3/4 of all study participants (72%) rate poster advertising as „rather to very likeable“. A – confirmed – positive advertising effect from which advertisers in Switzerland profit!

20220603 094009 klIt even goes further: 63% regard a ban on billboard advertising as „not good“ or „not good at all“. Conversely, this means that target groups are almost eagerly awaiting your outdoor advertising, because OOH is very popular in Switzerland. A fact which in turn unleashes enormous advertising synergies, including increased contact intensity, increased reach and high visibility of your outdoor advertising.

Are you already interested in placing outdoor advertising or billboards in Switzerland? We will be happy to advise you on which OOH or DOOH media will deliver the most effective results for you.



The Gallery of the Street: Advertising Billboards

20221012 151422 klWhether you opt for large posters, digital advertising media (DOOH) or smaller, analogue advertising panels, there is one thing you always get as an advertiser: a very high quality of display. Also included is a high-performance potential, as the advertising media are placed at eye-catching and usually highly frequented locations. Good visibility of your outdoor advertising and a strong reach are also part of the good tone of backlit poster advertising. Especially since OOH is also one of the media with the highest reach after Corona.


And what we are now asking ourselves at this point: How did this article affect you? We hope to have left a positive impression!



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