Airport advertising in Geneva: Outdoor advertising of superlatives

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The tranquil city of Geneva is located at the south-western tip of French-speaking Switzerland and, despite its relatively small population of 200,000, claims quite a few superlatives. For years, Geneva has been one of the top ten cities with the best quality of life in the world; with over 6,000 meetings a year, it is the largest UN center after New York and is also the city with the second-highest millionaire density on planet Earth.

Thus, a thoroughly international and exclusive audience lands and takes off at the Aéroport International de Genève, which is also an important location for VIP aviation. How good that with OOH in Geneva you can address these high-caliber target groups on high-quality advertising surfaces.



OOH at Switzerland’s second largest airport: advertising for decision-makers

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With over 57 resident airlines flying to over 150 destinations worldwide, GVA is one of the most important commercial airports in Switzerland. In 2019, Geneva Airport handled more than 17.9 million passengers, of which more than a third were travelling on business. Thus, your outdoor advertising here reaches a discerning and select audience and – as Geneva hosts the European headquarters of the United Nations – also UN staff.

The target groups of professional (frequent) flyers can be reached especially with modern and innovative OOH advertising media. How fitting that at Genève Aéroport you have various communication options to choose from which will put your airport advertising in the spotlight in a high-quality way.




Out-of-home with increased awareness in the arrivals area of Genève Aéroport

With some OOHs, your advertising achieves wide reach and increased promotional impact. These advertising media are strategically placed on the main traffic arteries to attract the attention of airport passengers as they navigate from the aircraft to the arrivals area.

Waiting time is advertising time: Effective outdoor advertising at baggage claims with digital screens

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Various media are available in the arrivals area of Geneva Airport. Take advantage of the increased awareness of the target groups, because waiting time is precious advertising time. Because passengers have to wait several minutes in a sober environment and experience little or hardly any distraction from environmental stimuli, advertising is perceived particularly intensively. For example, with the „Digital Network: Digital Arrival“. With these 25 advertising screens, which are positioned dominantly at the baggage carousel, you reach 100% of the target groups on 4K (Full-HD) displays. The „Digital Iconic: Digital Hall Baggage“ is a giant LED screen and just as attention-grabbing. Here, even the duration of the advertising spot can be individually adjusted to your marketing goals.

Digital advertising solutions allow a creative design of the advertising, have a high flexibility in adapting the motifs and are a real magnet for the attention of the target persons due to the moving images (spots), which increases the contact rate even more. Nevertheless, large-format, analogue signs also attract the attention of airport passengers and ensure maximum visibility of your advertising message. In the media mix, an area-wide presence is generated with airport advertising. This ensures multiple contacts; a strong recognizability of your OOH is built up and equally intensifies the advertising effect.

With outdoor advertising at Geneva Airport, you always achieve the maximum advertising impact! True to the motto, we will of course be happy to provide you with super(lative) advice!

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