The outdoor advertising opportunities in Munich


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The outdoor advertising opportunities in Munich

Munich – Franz Josef Strauss Airport: Immediately after landing at the airport, you are greeted by a light-flooded airport. At the baggage claim area there are Coloramas and backlit billboards at the walls for airport advertising. Thee very large hanging light boxes (2.40 x 3.50 m) in the entrance hall, in front of each terminal and in the shopping-area are particularly impressive. The connecting passages from the terminal to the entrance hall are advertised with Colorama’s elongated luminous wall. In the taxi area is seen a long line of ceiling hangers.



Train and station advertising

The S-Bahn station of the airport has illuminated City Light posters, billboards on the walls and display cases with various displays behind a glass pane.When you arrive at the main station, you will see many billboards on the walls, illuminated City Light posters and A0 format signs on the walls along the staircase. There are also more and more illuminated City Light Posters connected one after the other with the same mot

if through the station passages where you can walk left, right and in between. Here the advertiser can switch all CLP simultaneously with the same motive.

At the famous Neuhauser Straße and then further through the shopping and tourist mile of Kaufhingerstraße you will find outdoor advertisements only in the U-Bahn and S-Bahn stations, there you will find CLPs and billboards on walls.

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If you walk through the city centre you will see many illuminated City Light columns with full design and some cultural columns on the pedestrian paths with posters in A3 format as well as many electricity boxes on pedestrian paths used as outdoor advertising mediums.

Indoor advertising in public transport are rarely seen in Munich. Bus advertising and Trams advertising are also popular for outdoor advertising. While some companies advertise on them short campaigns, some local businesses use them for annual bookings and with full design.

In front of Munich Central Station, you will also find a quite large taxi stand. Although the taxis can be used for taxi advertising, only a fraction of the taxis can be seen with advertising on the doors (door cover).


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