Barcelona outdoor advertising

Barcelona outdoor advertising

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The geographic location between mountains on the one hand and the Mediterranean coast on the other hand is what makes Barcelona so special. When it comes to outdoor advertising: Barcelona has hardly any taxi advertising and city light boards or large surfaces. But what can be admired very often are the bus advertising and the city light posters.

The CLPs are either in the bus stops, at the roadside or in the subway stations. Some are digital, and others are printed on paper. The city buses and tourist buses (hop on hop off buses) mainly drive through the city with outdoor advertising.


Bus advertising in Barcelona

The most used formats on the buses are:

  • Super rear

  • Mini rear

  • At the side

Barcelona airport does not have a large suggestion of advertising media such as Madrid airport. Some coloramas on the baggage claim belts and some big banners are what stand out here. The number of CLPs in the airport could seem to be counted with one hand.


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