Madrid – hyper mobile ads on public transport

Madrid – hyper mobile ads on public transport

Bus Madrid II klMadrid, the Spanish capital and busy metropolis, has a highly modern transport system, consisting of a tight metro subway network, an extensive city bus and tourist bus network, a funicular, long-distance trains, and the international airport Madrid Barajas. Public transport is a very popular surface for outdoor advertising because it reaches thousands of people every day. In Madrid, bus advertising is especially prominent.

The buses in Madrid complement the metro system on the streets and are connecting the city center with important main stations, the airport and the periphery. Advertisers can make use of different formats and sizes in order to meet their desired budget. Particularly visible are of course the buses in full cover, with the ad covering the whole vehicle. Yet, partial designs are popular too and include smaller rectangular ads on the side or back of the bus, single or double traffic boards and the super rear. Clients of bus advertising are ranging from local merchant who present their newest offer to global companies that want to extend their branding. Further popular motifs in Madrid include local attractions like flamenco shows, musicals, and new cinema movies.

Sightseeing Bus Madrid 1 klThese motifs are also commonly found on the many touristic buses that are circling around Madrid’s city center. There are different touristic routes in Madrid, bringing the many national and international travelers to all the important attractions, historical buildings, palaces, museums, churches, Madrid’s soccer stadium and note-worthy districts. Depending on the company and line, the complete route takes around 40 minutes and in the summer months, when the amount of tourists is the highest, tourist buses run every 8 minutes. This presents a significant frequency. Moreover, it means that the advertising is hyper mobile and drives around the city multiple times a day, heading to all the important tourist hubs, and generating many impressions. More importantly, tourist buses are extremely visible. In comparison to the normal grey and blue single car or articulated buses, the tourist bus lines are double-deckers and are colored in the typical alarm colors of bright red or yellow – a real eye-catcher. Definitely a great way to advertise in Madrid!

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