Airport advertising at Madrid-Barajas airport

CLP MAD airport blog klAirport advertising at Madrid-Barajas airport

Located just outside the city center, the Madrid-Barajas airport (MAD) is a great hub that connects Europe with many international destinations, especially in South- and Latin America. Placing advertising in Madrid airport ensures a tremendous reach. In 2018, the capital of Spain, recorded 7.7 million tourists. Madrid has almost 3.3 million inhabitants and is visited by twice this many people every year. This makes Madrid a perfect place to advertise and benefit from countless impressions from the steady flow of national and international visitors, as well as the local Madrileños.

Lightwall MAD airport klFollowing suit in Madrid’s advertising concept, Madrid Barajas airport also focuses on city light posters (CLP) as their preferred advertising media. The CLP faces of the analogue network are spread across the airport. Many of them are located in the hall of the baggage claim. The digital city light poster are placed cleverly alongside the duty-free corridors, the path between terminals and the way to the baggage claim. Surprisingly, those tv screens located directly over the luggage carousel and the few in waiting halls are transmitting sports events rather than presenting ads. As an alternative to the CLPs, ads can also be placed on the few video walls located just before the exits. Other advertising formats like floor graphics, banners or coloramas are rare at Barajas airport.
Therefore, placing ads on CLPs at Barajas airport is the best and most effective option.

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