OOH at Berlin Central Station Part 2

Station Tower and Digital Screens – Analogue or Digital

BILD1 kl

Up to 330,000 pairs of eyes see your advertising, every day! Possible with an out-of-home campaign at Berlin’s highly frequented main railway station.

Many different target groups are reached at this major hub: commuters, business or private travelers, but also public transport users, tourists, waiting passengers and Berliners alike.

The fact that the main station is also considered a shopping station, as it has a supermarket, drugstore, pharmacy, shops and much more, makes this hub even more attractive. The key opening hours from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., 365 days a year, also help to extend the time spent in the former “Lehrter Fernbahnhof”.



Railway station advertising: quickly to the target groups

BILD2Berlin’s main railway station is always bustling with activity, at any time of day or night, every day of the year. High contact numbers are therefore guaranteed! Due to the large number of national and international passengers and station guests, this hub offers a colorful mix of different target groups. A high reach of your outdoor advertising is therefore also guaranteed! With modern station media, you can always advertise in an eye-catching way to reach your target groups quickly and efficiently. A similar selection of different, present advertising media, bundled in one place, is otherwise only available at airports.You can ensure your station dominance, for example, with “Floor Graphic” or the oversized “Ceiling Hangers” (https://wtm-outdoor-advertising.com/news/738-ooh-at-berlin-central-station-part-1). Read below to find out how you can become a contact magnet with the use of “Station Tower”, among other things.


Station Tower: How high can the attention be?

Would you prefer 3 meters or even 6 meters high? No problem! With this 3-metre-high advertising tower, you can attract attention in the reception hall as well as on platforms. Outside, where buses, trains and taxis pick up passengers as they continue their journeys, the 6-metre advertising medium gives your message a grand entrance! This outdoor advertising medium reaches everyone in the vicinity of the station – how could anyone miss the contact magnet? Even from a distance, the advertising tower is clearly visible and puts the brand to be advertised in the spotlight, without any distractions. The target groups’ attention is therefore focused on the essentials, your advertising message. The omnipresence of the “Station Tower” thus achieves high contact numbers and generates a strong reach!



Digital Screens: The Info screen turns waiting time into advertising time

BILD3 klThe average waiting time for the next train is about 5-10 minutes. Use this “idle time” effectively and advertise with the Station Videos in the immediate vicinity of the waiting passengers. Because the people on the platform have nothing to do at the moment – except wait for the connecting train – the advertising is perceived intensively. The large digital image areas with a very high resolution attract attention almost magically and arouse interest. With the possibility to choose between different time slots, the target group can be selected exactly. This means that you only place advertisements as soon as your target group is on the move: In the morning, for example, you reach commuters, late in the evening partygoers and young people. The spot or still image is embedded between editorial content such as weather forecasts and news. So, you benefit from a high-quality environment that reflects positively on your image. Since it is a digital outdoor advertising, flexible bookings and short-term adjustments are of course included.

With these station media, you are present in Berlin’s central station and are noticed by a large number of contacts. Thanks to the exclusive use, whether on a digital large-format screen (Info screen) or analogue and close at touch (Station Tower) in the station concourse, you can position yourself with a wide reach! A highly frequented hub becomes your exclusive advertising stage with these present advertising media!

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