Taxi advertising in Spain’s metropolises: I see what everyone sees

Taxi advertising in Spain - WTM Outdoor ads

Have you ever been to a big city where you haven’t
seen a taxi? A purely rhetorical question, because taxis are more likely to be
found where there are more people! The same goes for the urban centres of
Madrid and Barcelona.

Take your advertising on the road and advertise in
Spain’s major cities with taxi advertising!

24 hours a day, 365 days a year: always on the road
with taxi advertising

Because taxis are in constant use, your out-of-home
advertising will be seen by road users around the clock. This means that if you
have your ad on a car driving through the city, you are advertising yourself –
day and night. Since taxis are on the road 24 hours a day, the number of
contacts that can be achieved, such as repeat contacts, is correspondingly

Taxi advertising in Spain - WTM Outdoor ads

Advertising on cars: Be part of the action, not just there

A taxi is always on the road where lots of people want to be taken from A to B – where do tourists like to hang out? Exactly! Places of interest, such as city centres, are magnets that attract passers-by and other road users. Advertisers can therefore benefit from extremely high levels of exposure with taxi advertising and can also be sure that their advertising is always on the move where the city is pulsating. What’s more, this high-touch OOH medium reaches places where traditional outdoor advertising can’t!

Taxi advertising never stops

Taxi ranks are usually found at the exits of hotels, railway stations or trade fairs, in other words, in highly frequented places where there is a lot of traffic. This means that even when the taxi is at a standstill, i.e. in a waiting situation, your advertising message will attract a great deal of attention – after all, your advertisement is right in the middle of the action!

Shaping the cityscape with mobile outdoor advertising

The following advertising spaces are available on taxis in Spain’s major cities:

– Door wrap: With this advertising space, you occupy the rear door of a taxi. This position is particularly attractive to waiting passengers and passers-by.

The more taxi fleets you cover, the greater the reach and, most importantly, the number of repeat contacts. In this way, your advertising leaves a lasting impression on all road users, passers-by and waiting passengers. Decide for yourself how much exposure you want to have in Spain!

Increase your brand awareness in other Spanish countries with taxi advertising. High coverage is guaranteed as taxis travel several hundred kilometers a day. The radius in which your advertisement will be seen is correspondingly large and the target groups to be reached are diverse. Your advertisement will therefore be seen a lot and will leave a positive impression on the addressees through repeated contact. With taxi advertising, you can rely on effective outdoor advertising that will be seen by everyone!

Taxi advertising in Spain - WTM Outdoor ads

Taxi advertising in Spain - WTM Outdoor ads


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