Sightseeing bus advertising

Sightseeing bus advertising

Transport media have many advantages, they are kind of „outdoor advertising on wheels“, once across the city. Everyone has seen them before, whether on buses, on trams or even on sightseeing buses. Especially advertising surfaces on tourist buses have a high reach.


Large advertising surface

sightseeing foto by Fabrice MaillardMost of the sightseeing buses are double-deckers. Compared to a classic bus advertisement, hop on hop off buses offer twice as much advertising surface. Therefore, this format is suitable for large ads, which attract great attention. Not only by the height of the bus, but also by the rarity of a double-decker. But it does not always have to be a full cover, because a backside (rear) can also delight your target group.


The same route

Sightseeing buses always run the same route. Always past the most important sights a city can offer. Always past the most frequented spots of the cities, where life is pulsing. This way you can reach the full attention of the tourists who use the bus, but also specifically the people who are moving at the hotspots of the city. Through this line connection, unlike other bus advertisements, you can specifically influence where and by whom exactly your advertisement should be seen. The constant route of the buses, which are departed several times a day, also contributes to an increased recognition.



sightseeing 2Paris. London. Rome. In these and many other European cities, bus advertising can reach your audience!
When entering a foreign market, advertising on sightseeing buses can help to generate maximum reach. Here, too, a lasting advertising effect is achieved through the line binding.
Advertising on sightseeing buses has many advantages and is also suitable for any kind of advertising. Be it for mobile phone advertising, fashion advertising or for tourism advertising, such as for countries or museums.
Use the advertising possibility on sightseeing buses and reach your target group even where other forms of advertising are not allowed, or even advertising-free zones prevail.
Send your advertising on a sightseeing tour through the European major cities.

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