Start with airport advertising in Frankfurt and land all over the world with your OOH campaign

Frankfurt Airport is Germany’s largest hub, even the third largest in Europe, so it’s hardly surprising that anyone who places outdoor advertising here is noticed by a large international audience and carries their advertising message far and wide across the globe. But not only that!

Effectively address target groups with airport advertising

Your out-of-home campaign meets more than 70 million passengers a year at Frankfurt Airport, both business and private travelers. These include the so-called „decision-makers“, who make up more than 2/3 of all passengers, especially at Terminal 1. International guests with above-average incomes are of course also strongly represented. You can reach these exclusive target groups with high purchasing and decision-making power with airport advertising along the most important touchpoints at FRA. This means that your OOH advertising campaign accompanies relevant (new) customers from their arrival at the airport with the „Digital Landmark“, to the marketplace with the „Digital Deluxe Board“ and all the way to the gate with the „Digital Airport Network“. This means that multiple contacts are also possible during the average time spent at the airport of more than two hours!

Also, not to be underestimated: The approximately 80,000 airport employees, such as arriving passengers, who you can address authentically, especially with regional advertising campaigns.


Digital Screens: The right (digital) outdoor advertising for every advertising strategy

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The choice of different outdoor media is large, because anyone advertising at Frankfurt Airport also has Germany’s largest airport advertising platform at their disposal. Spoilt for choice? No, not in this case! For one thing: no matter what your choice is, you will benefit from it in terms of advertising. On the other hand: We at wtm-outdoor-ads are happy to relieve you of the agony and advise you on your advertising strategy. To create a high-quality brand perception among target groups, digital advertising inventory is also innovative, as well as modern. For example, a large number of „digital screens“ can be booked in a network; in addition, your OOH marketing measure is always broadcast razor-sharp – thanks to high-resolution LED screens – on screens throughout Frankfurt Airport.


Outdoor advertising with „wow effect“ thanks to Digital Landmark at FRA

With this advertising medium you reach everyone – and we really mean everyone! The „Digital Landmark“ with more than 100 square meters of visible surface is prominently placed. The orientation towards the access road of Terminal 1 appeals especially to passengers on the departure level. This digital outdoor advertising screen is the largest in the whole of Frankfurt Airport! The dimensions of the surface alone ensure high visibility among target groups. With moving images, you attract attention, which makes it easy to get many impressions with this booking. A strong brand presentation with a strong reach!


Addressing arrivals & departures with Digital Network at Frankfurt Airport

For example, you can use the „Digital Airport Network“, which ensures maximum attention with over 309 digital screens throughout the airport. Positioned in the direction of travel, always at highly frequented intersections of the airport, this outdoor advertising achieves an enormous reach!

With the „Digital Welcome Network“ you can make skillful use of the waiting time of arriving passengers at the baggage reclaim areas and even advertise on all reclaim belts by means of synchronous switching. Over 160 digital screens ensure impressive visibility and a high contact volume.

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Outdoor advertising at Frankfurt Airport is guaranteed to get your brand noticed, no matter what type of advertising media you choose. The long waiting time even allows passengers to meet advertising campaigns several times, which also promotes sales in the long term. Because the more often target persons come into contact with your OOH advertising measure, the better they remember the advertising. The clean, modern, and innovative environment in which the digital screens create impressions will be positively associated with your brand. To add one more thing to the advertising impact: Start with digital outdoor advertising at FRA and land together with your target groups in Berlin or Great Britain. These top destinations are just two examples of the most frequent flights from Frankfurt Airport … and you can also book effective airport advertising at these locations! With this in mind: Goodbye!

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