OOH at Berlin Central Station Part 3

Station media – a large selection of different advertising media

StartbildIf you have a choice, you will be spoilt for choice. If you want to advertise at Berlin Central Station, you have to choose between a variety of different OOH (out of home). There are, for example, the “Station Towers”, almost monumental and attention-grabbing, if only because of their size (https://wtm-outdoor-advertising.com/news/746-ooh-at-berlin-central-station-part-2 ) or – no less small or even less attention-grabbing – the “Ceiling Hangers”, with which your advertising can literally reach high up (https://wtm-outdoor-advertising.com/news/738-ooh-at-berlin-central-station-part-1 ).

Fortunately, as an advertiser you only have to decide on the advertising medium or media mix! You can always be sure of a wide reach and high contact numbers with outdoor advertising at Berlin Central Station – no matter which advertising media you choose.

Highly frequented: Advertising presence 365 days a year

Berlin’s main station is considered one of the largest in Germany, so it’s no wonder that more than 333,000 people pass through this hub every day! The contact figures are consequently high, and, in a nutshell, this means that those who advertise here benefit from an incredible reach and thus increase brand awareness – far beyond Berlin’s borders, because: The central station is one of Germany’s busiest railway stations. Many travelers and commuters change trains here or wait for the next train connection. This means that both national and international target groups are covered. The wide range of shops in the station, from supermarkets and pharmacies to restaurants, cafés and drugstores, makes it a popular shopping destination.

Bild 1Such a large selection of different and modern advertising media is usually only found at large airports, or else: you can rely on station media at Berlin Central Station! Grab your station dominance and reach your target group in a targeted and punctual manner – without any delays 😉 – to your target group.

Radiance with promotion: When outdoor advertising makes customers shine

25 minutes is the average time spent in the train station. Use this length of stay effectively and meet your target group in a blunt way and draw attention to yourself directly. How? Quite simply: with the advertising medium “promotion”. Trained promoters are mass contacts – as they can react individually to streams of passers-by and thus generate many contacts – while product samples, coupons, giveaways, or flyers are distributed directly to your target group. This can increase product sales in the long term because this experience (friendly communication, direct information about the product, free give-away, etc.) is henceforth positively associated with your product. Furthermore, you will of course be noticed because a promotion in Berlin’s Central Station is highly concentrated in terms of space and because this OOH campaign is a special form of advertising that is unusual and, precisely for this reason, makes a strong impression. This direct advertising measure puts a smile on the face of your target group and turns passers-by into potential (new) customers.


Radiance with Mega Lights Select: How illuminated advertising media attract customers

Bild2.klWith this type of outdoor advertising in Berlin’s Main Station, you will attract everyone’s attention, because the size of the advertising surface alone will make you an eye-catcher and you will be clearly visible even from a distance. But your advertising message will also be well received by your target group at night, because the advertising panels are illuminated and therefore very visible at any time of day or night! The fully glazed advertising media achieve a high level of contact intensity due to their optimal location, namely primarily at railway tracks. This positioning primarily addresses private and business travelers, but also commuters and, of course, all station guests who are currently in a waiting situation.

No matter what kind of radiance you want to advertise with – whether face to face or oversized and visible from afar – you attract your target group! Whether it’s a matter of high contact intensity, a strong reach or effectively attracting attention, with an advertising presence at Berlin Central Station you can achieve your marketing goals on a large scale. Shine with full luminosity at one of the most highly frequented contact points in all of Germany!

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