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Ever had the opportunity to speak directly to a politician? Outdoor advertising does it every day!
Why don’t you have a word with …

… with airport advertising in Brussels and address your advertising directly to your target group, e.g., politicians and other decision-makers, at a prestigious advertising location.

The “BRU” services more than 20 million passengers a year and is – of course also because it is in the capital of Europe – an important hub for national, but also international flights. The fact that Brussels is also the headquarters of the European Union and that many EU institutions and political interest groups are located there is certainly nothing new to you. The target groups that land and take off at Brussels Airport are also shaped accordingly.

There are different advertising media available for your outdoor advertising at Brussels Airport, but they all have one thing in common: millions of passengers are reached with every means of communication, generating an enormous reach far beyond the European borders. In the following, we present OOH advertising measures with which you can address, for example, members of parliament or business travelers before they take off at the airport.

Modern airport advertising with the “digital network

Bild2 klIn 2018, the entire advertising offer at Brussels Airport was modernised. Today, the fully digital network consists of 70-inch LCD screens distributed throughout the entire “BRU”. The double-sided advertising screens have been arranged in such a way that they are always in front of the flow of passengers. This ensures that as many people as possible become aware of the advertising media, generating a high number of contacts and a large reach. The advertising media can be shown either statically or with moving images in a 60-second loop. Each booking has a full 10 seconds of advertising time at its disposal, on highly frequented walkways, to generate maximum attention. For example, your advertising can lead the way to the exclusive Business Network, which is only reserved for certain target groups at airports. With the “digital network” and your outdoor advertising, it is therefore possible to address specific target groups.



Out-of-Home at the airport

Bild3 klOf course, there are many more possibilities for outdoor advertising at Brussels Airport, such as backlit surfaces in the baggage carousel area, or oversized billboards with an advertising surface of up to 400m2. Special synergy effects can be created by using the media mix, i.e. when several outdoor advertising media are combined with each other. Furthermore, all advertising media can be selected, whether in the arrival area, the departure area or a combination, you only advertise where your target group moves.

So let’s get back to the initial question: Have you ever had the opportunity to address a politician directly? With airport advertising in Brussels, at the BRU, your brand easily addresses this target group, and even several times. What are you waiting for, get talking!

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