Video Wall Advertising at Berlin KuDamm

Advertising - Video Wall Berlin KuDamm

Every minute 122 people fall in love with your outdoor advertising.

This was a reference to an advertising campaign of a very well-known dating platform, which could not be more appropriate for your OOH advertising location on KuDamm in Berlin: With Germany’s largest LED advertising wall, an oversized video wall right in the heart of the capital, such a high contact rate is easily possible. In the following article, we explain how this is possible and why you should definitely not miss this opportunity.

Video wall on Kurfürstendamm: Advertising where the City West pulsates

Advertising - Video Wall Berlin KuDamm

If outdoor advertising promises more than 122 contacts per minute, then it can only be a spectacular advertising space and the address „Kurfürstendamm 227, in 10719 Berlin“, is exactly such a space. The location of the OOH advertising media is uniquely magnificent! In the heart of the former West Berlin, you will find the oversized „Digital Screen“ also called „Digital Giant Poster“. The out-of-home advertising medium is located opposite the historic Kranzler Eck, not far from Breitscheidplatz with the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and in the immediate vicinity of the magnificent KaDeWe (Kaufhaus des Westens). These sights alone attract many people every day, i.e. potential target groups who see your outdoor advertising. In addition, Kurfürstendamm is one of the most popular shopping addresses in Berlin and attracts an attractive audience, lined with 5-star hotels such as the Waldorf Astoria, luxury properties and shops of glamorous brands. At the same time, the digital video wall is – one can almost say – „surrounded“ by bus stations as well as entrances and exits to the underground (the underground station „Kurfürstendamm“, for example, is directly opposite the poster). For one of Berlin’s most important transport hubs, it is therefore hardly surprising that the busy and traffic-intensive intersection in the Charlottenburg district achieves contact figures that every advertiser dreams of:

More than 1.1 million cars drive past this outdoor advertisement, the LED screen, and approximately 1 million people pass Germany’s largest video wall on foot (figures per 28 days). All in all, this is a monthly frequency of 4,937,760 possible contacts! Another positive effect generated by the enormous number of contacts is strong brand building and the associated awareness of the brand among target groups, such as an enormous reach. Truly a top location for a „(spa)princely“ advertising presence with outdoor advertising, which could not be more exclusive and lucrative.

Unmissable outdoor advertising: your brand in focus on 104 sqm

Advertising - Video Wall Berlin KuDamm

The video wall, directly on Kurfürstendamm, is one of the most modern and eye-catching advertising media Berlin has to offer. In fact, this LED screen is the largest advertising surface in Germany! With dimensions of 13 metres wide and more than 8 metres high, the advertising message is immediately noticed by everyone. Whether pedestrians, strollers, drivers or other road users, with this out-of-home advertising you will make a big impression on 104 square metres of advertising surface and your brand will always be the centre of attention. With this advertising media, you ensure an unmissable presence in the middle of the city of Berlin.
The oversized digital screen is also a real OOH highlight at night, in the truest sense of the word: This showpiece of outdoor advertising also has a true radiance at evening and night times. The high-resolution LED lights ensure that target groups always have a clear view of your advertising, and that’s a good thing! The Ku`Damm is a lively and popular venue at any time of the day and the contact rate is also enormously high in the evening with walkers visiting restaurants, bars and galleries.

Arouse emotions: Your commercial on the digital video wall at Ku’Damm

Pictures say more than a thousand words, as every advertiser knows, and with an OOH campaign on Kurfürstendamm you can arouse emotions in your target groups and increase the advertising impact by a factor of several. Whether an eye-catching still image, as with our client „Beluga Wodka“ ( or a high-contrast video format, you always have a full 10 sec. of advertising frequency at your disposal. advertising frequency at your disposal. Of course, the advertising campaign can be adjusted in real time, regardless of location. Whether your outdoor advertising is to be present on this oversized (advertising) stage on the Ku`Damm for 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks is up to you, but during this advertising period you will play the leading role with your target groups!

With the „Digital Screen“ on Ku`Damm, your brand is in focus. Both geographically, because with the video wall you advertise directly in the centre of Germany’s capital, and figuratively, namely in the field of vision of your contacts. If you advertise on this highly visible LED wall, you also benefit from successful brand building and an enormous increase in awareness, such as reach.

Become the charmer of Kurfürstendamm with your OOH advertising campaign on the omnipresent video wall and turn the heads of your target groups … every 11 minutes that’s 1,324 hearts you conquer with your outdoor advertising!


Advertising - Video Wall Berlin KuDamm

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