Moving Billboards or: OOH to Go

With moving billboards, you attract attention where it is least expected. Why not let your advertising move through a pedestrian zone or park at famous and popular hotspots – this is possible with the “Move Media”!

BB BikesThe mobile boards live up to their name. Although they can be placed on different formats, they have one thing in common: as the name “moving billboards” suggests, the advertising media are on the move. So, for example, your advertising is cycled through the traffic-calmed city center, displayed in a truck on highly frequented streets or carried on a back through the pedestrian-friendly shopping mile. This means that advertising can also take place where there are few other advertising media or where there is otherwise an advertising-free zone. Furthermore, all advertising media can be used both analogue and digital. This results in a multitude of design options, which allows maximum visibility to be achieved. This way, the mobile advertising inevitably catches the eye of passers-by, drivers and other road users and the undivided attention belongs to you!


Mobile and flexible outdoor advertising

BB BikesThrough the selection of different advertising media and their individual agility, it is possible to control exactly where the out-of-home advertising (OOH) should be. The advertisements will therefore always be on the move where life pulsates, the target groups are present, and many impressions are generated. This makes targeted marketing possible.

Your target group is temporarily staying at a certain location?
With the “moving billboards”, your advertising can be placed directly in front of an exhibition center, for example. Spreading losses are minimized because you reach your target group straight on and without detours. Mobile outdoor advertising attracts attention, generating many impressions from a specifically selected contact group.


You want to attract more customers on site?

Then go for vehicle advertising with a van, moped or bicycle. These direct your advertising message in a striking and attention-grabbing way through highly frequented streets (image). The same routes generate multiple contacts in the selected radius, and you can benefit from the recognition effect. These “moving billboards” with a local reference bring customers on site.


Advertise directly and as close as possible in front of your customers?

Mooving DBB 2With people as “walking advertising media” this is indeed possible (picture). With these advertising boards, movement – in the truest sense of the word – comes into your media plan. Passers-by inevitably turn around for this advertising medium, not least because they are strikingly unusual. This means you can advertise in the direct vicinity of passers-by, even in zones where only pedestrians and/or no other advertising media are allowed. You can’t get any closer! No matter which type of “Move Media” you choose, the fact is that with this advertising medium you are relying on a very present form of advertising, which attracts attention through unusual and eye-catching advertising media. Visibility among passers-by and other road users is therefore high, especially with vehicle advertising, as its size makes it very easy to spot from a distance. With “Moving Billboards” your outdoor advertising is effectively sent – to go – through the city!

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