Lisbon – from the point of view of outdoor advertising


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Lisbon – from the point of view of outdoor advertising

Lisbon is a lively city with many residents and tourists on the streets, susceptible to outdoor advertising. The old city center is characterized by narrow streets, sometimes escalating to a sudden steep hill. Here, you cannot find any billboard advertising, neither digital nor analog or even posters. The best means to present ads in the old parts of Lisbon is to place them on public transport. Taxis with door cover, the hop on hop off minibuses with rear covers, and especially the fully wrapped single-car trams can carry brands into the narrow streets of for example Barro Alto or Alfama. Only the shelter of tram stops offer a few surfaces for billboard ads, here.

In the newer parts of Lisbon, like the university or banking area, the broad streets provide enough space for articulated buses, more modern trams, and the double-decker tourist buses. The normal buses in Lisbon only provide small advertising surface on the side and on the back. You can rarely see full covers or super rear covers. Therefore, the mega rear of the double-decker sightseeing bus presents a more prominent advertising solution. Another popular option is to wrap a whole tram in full cover.

CLP Lisbon III general klFurthermore, the bigger streets are seamed with billboards, countless city light posters and the big city light boards. They are placed strategically alongside busy streets, at intersections, and at traffic lights. Many of them have analog or digital clocks attached to them to add another eye catcher. More city light posters can be found in the corridors and stations of the metro. A hand full of digital city light boards are positioned at especially busy streets, like the street to the airport.

Moreover, the airport is a great hub for billboard advertising. Light walls in corridors, floor graphics, coloramas at the baggage claim, giant posters in the welcome area, city light boards at the taxi and pick-up line, and digital city light posters in the waiting hall provide great advertising media to combine and choose from.

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