OOH at Berlin Central Station Part 1

Floor Graphic and Big Banner – advertise from the ground and in the air.

2 klIf you place outdoor advertising at Berlin Central Station, you will be seen! Around 330,000 travelers and visitors pass through this station every day! This makes the station one of the busiest in Germany, and the contact numbers to be achieved are correspondingly high.

The station is attractive, not only for national and international travelers who change trains there. With a wide range of shops, from pharmacies to perfume, electronics to groceries, Berlin’s main station is a kind of local shopping center and therefore equally popular with private and business travelers, Berliners, and commuters.

The length of stay of station guests is further increased by the lavish offers and becomes a true experience. What’s more, the core opening hours of 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., 365 days a year, attract a large number of visitors even on Sundays or late in the evening.


Station advertising: What does this mean for you as an advertiser?

Around the year, 24 hours a day, you benefit from strong contact numbers and reach a variety of different target groups. Berlin Central Station offers a wide range of different and modern station media, a variety like that offered by large airports. By using a media mix, a concentrated station presence is achieved and no traveler, Sunday shopper or public transport user will miss your advertising!


4 klFloor Graphic: Your customers love it!

In the truest sense of the word, because with this „floor sticker“, much-used main paths are covered with your advertising. So, your customers actually stand (and walk) on your advertising! The advertising medium’s unusual position on the ground alone inevitably invites them to lower their gaze – directly onto your advertising! The robust and sensitive foil withstands many steps, i.e. a lot of wear and tear. Especially at a heavily used hub such as Berlin’s main railway station, this can be several hundred thousand footsteps every day. With their eye-catching colors and motifs, the „ground posters“ can set attractive accents on the much-used and preferred walkways and thus become the ultimate eye-catcher. Of course, ground posters can also be used as signposting advertising, leading customers directly to your location.



3 klBig banner: Rising high with railway station advertising

With this advertising medium, your advertising floats unmistakably above the heads of all station visitors. These large banners hang from the ceilings of the Berlin station. The oversized banners are therefore clearly visible from afar and attract curious glances for this reason alone! With the option of placing the giant posters in various positions, such as at the main entrances, on tracks and above platforms, your advertising presence can accompany passengers and strollers throughout the entire main station.

These advertising formats can also be booked for a long period of time. Your season ticket, so to speak, for a strong advertising presence at one of Berlin’s most highly frequented hubs. With this oversized outdoor advertising, you are always and everywhere visible in the entire main station, as you inevitably fall directly into the field of vision of the target groups.

With these station media, which are present advertising media, your advertising is shown off to its best advantage. Whether oversized, such as the „Big Banner“, or exclusive with the „Floor Graphics“, you will be noticed. A strong reach due to high contact numbers included! In the next part, we will bring you back down to earth with the „Station Tower“ and show that we are getting a little closer to the future with the „Digital Screens“.


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