OOH possibilities in Graz

OOH possibilities in Graz

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Graz is the second largest city in Austria. Today, the entire old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Therefore, there is hardly any advertising surface on the street or on the facades. The characteristics and appearance of buildings should be preserved.

The only fixed surfaces in the city center are the city light posters (CLP) in the bus stops. Outside the old town, you can see individual digital billboards on buildings or city light boards (CLB) on the roadside.

Graz airport is so small that it hardly has any advertising surfaces to offer. And even taxi advertising cannot be found in Graz.

Therefore, advertising on buses and trams is very popular. Buses and trams are the most frequently used means of transport in Graz: around 300,000 passengers daily!

IMG 3582 kl70% of the trams have advertisements on them and many are completely covered with these ads. The number of buses with ads is lower. A popular surface or format for advertising campaigns is the rear space of the bus. The surface with the longest dwell time. Our client Air Arabia has also booked a fleet of buses with super rear for a 2-month campaign. The airline seeks to promote their top destinations with i.e. the attractive imagery of a bazaar.

In Graz, it is better to focus on tram advertising. The trams are on the move in the old town as well as outside the city center of Graz and they transport the advertising in both parts of the city on a clearly visible surface.

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