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Copenhagen outdoor advertising

Copenhagen offers a lot of outdoor advertising possibilities. The capital of Denmark has around 624,000 inhabitants and is the cultural and economic center of the country. More than 8 million tourists visited Copenhagen. The city is currently one of the five cities in Europe with the largest increase in tourists. Next to it’s political and economical importance, Copenhagen gained the status of a culinary city due to a revival of Nordic cuisine.

Outdoor advertising in Copenhagen is highly mobile

Denmark has a strong bicycle culture. For your brand, this means that many people are out in the streets, susceptive to your advertising. Outdoor advertising in Copenhagen works well for promoting your product, event or brand. Start your outdoor campaign by utilizing the smart network of city light posters (CLP) or city light boards (CLB) that are strategically placed in important intersections or in the city center. Create a branding by advertising on digital billboards or get your ads rolling through Copenhagen by placing your message on buses. Be sure to meet your desired target group and budget with outdoor advertising in Copenhagen.

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