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Munich outdoor advertising

Munich is the third largest city in Germany with around 1.5 million people and the capital of the German federal state Bavaria. Munich is also the political, scientific, cultural and media center of the region and home to major corporations like BMW or Siemens.
Many tourists visit Munich for its historical architecture, sports events, concerts, trade fairs and its proximity to the German alps. Munich is especially famous for the Oktoberfest, the largest beer festival in the world, visited by six million tourist, national and international. Increase your presence in Munich with outdoor advertising and anchor your advertising messages in the minds of the consumers.

Discover your advertisement opportunities in Munich with:

Use the advertising opportunities to reach the population on the road. Place your outdoor advertising all over Munich and reach a wide audience or book directly in the specific districts of Munich where your target group is.

  • Airport advertising i.e. digital billboards, coloramas
  • Bus advertising i.e. full cover, traffic boards, super rear
  • Billboard advertising i.e. networks of city light boards (CLB) or city light posters (CLP)
  • Taxi advertising i.e. door covers or taxi roof

This way you can assemble your outdoor advertising according to your own ideas and specific target group.

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