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Berlin outdoor advertising

With outdoor advertising in Berlin you can reach every target demographic. Being the capital of Germany, Berlin has a population of 3,6 million inhabitants and people from over 190 countries within the city limits. Ranked third after London and Paris, Berlin is the most visited city in Europe with 13,5 million visitors every year. It is a huge metropolis with two airports, the biggest central station for trains in Germany and a Central Bus Terminal. Furthermore, Berlin is known for its internationalism, tolerance and for being a cultural hub. Be sure to meet your target group and benefit from Berlin’s international flare.

Advertising options in Berlin

Berlin’s transport system is inexpensive, easy to use and popular among all parts of the population and visitors. Make use of the millions of transport users by placing your ads at the airport, on buses, trams, taxis, or in and around the urban and subway trains.

Moreover, Berlin offers a wide range of opportunities for billboard advertising. Create a branding by utilizing the clever network of digital and analog networks of city light posters (CLP) or city light boards (CLB) that side the most important streets, shopping areas and city centers.

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