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Vienna outdoor advertising

Vienna is the capital city of Austria, but also, with about 1.9 million inhabitants, the most populous in the country. A study by the United Nations saw Vienna as the most prosperous city in the world. Therefore, very well suited for outdoor advertising. The well-developed Vienna tram, subway, bus and express train network takes passengers safely to their destination. With more than five million tourists from abroad, Vienna is one of the ten most visited cities in Europe. And the tourists will remember and recognize your brand when they get back home.

Outdoor media in Vienna

Vienna offers a wide array of advertising opportunities that can choose from or connect to increase your branding locally and internationally. Start right at the airport and benefit from traveler’s waiting times to bring your message across on digital billboards or coloramas. Then, in the main streets and shopping areas of Vienna, you can book extensive networks of city light posters (CLP) or the grand city light boards (CLB) to increase visibility. If you prefer mobile media your can get your ads rolling all over the city by placing your message and creative designs on Vienna’s buses, trams, underground trains and taxis. It is above all a matter of presence and the idea of burning your logo and products into the subconscious of the target group.

Discover your advertisement opportunities in Vienna

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