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Stockholm outdoor advertising

Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden and with 949.761 people the largest city in Scandinavia. Stockholm’s cityscape is characterized by an old historical city center, built on 14 close islands, connected by 50 bridges. Every year about 8.6 million people visit the Swedish capital. Here you can reach residents as well as numerous tourists with campaigns in outdoor advertising.

Discover your outdoor advertisement opportunities in Stockholm.

It was observed that outdoor advertising in Stockholm has the greatest potential in comparison to other advertising channels in the city and also the country. Catch your desired target group by placing your ads on networks of city light boards (CLB), placed at important main roads and intersections, or on city light boards (CLP) in bus stops or shopping areas. Furthermore, you can reach a large national and international group of potential customers by placing your ads in the Stockholm international airport. Utilize the waiting time of travelers to create a branding by advertising on digital billboards and coloramas. Outdoor advertising campaigns in Stockholm reach a wide audience and make brands more efficient with their target audiences.

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