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Hamburg outdoor advertising

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and has the largest seaport. In addition to being an important logistics hub, Hamburg is home to many media, trade, logistics and industrial companies as well as renowned technology and educational institutions. Reach a Well-Informed Target Group with your OOH advertising campaign.

Popular with tourists - Opportunity for OOH campaign

Next to the popular entertainment streets Reeperbahn and Sternschanze many tourists also come for cultural events i.e. the lion king in the famous port theater.
Catch the visitors attention from the first moment they arrive with your airport advertising and add a double recognition effect with billboard ad solutions ins the city. Digital billboards, city light posters (CLP), and city light boards (CLB) are a significant marker of the cityscape in Hamburg. Make a branding by placing your brand on billboard networks or choose the fleet of moving media of countless buses, trains and taxis that can carry your message all over the city. Create a long-lasting impression with your OOH campaign.

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