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Oslo outdoor advertising

Oslo is the capital of the Kingdom of Norway. With 681.071 inhabitants, Oslo is by far the largest city in the country but still one of the smaller capital cities in Europe. Oslo presents the political, economic and cultural center of the country. The number of tourists served in Oslo rises continuously from year to year as it is becoming a popular destination for holidays. The city Oslo offers you unique outdoor advertising opportunities and shows you how to utilize just a fraction of your advertising budget to achieve your critical media objectives. The citizens and tourists on the road will recognize your brand when they see it again.

Discover your advertisement opportunities in Oslo:

Start your campaign or branding by catching the national and international crowd at the airport. Strategically placed city light posters (CLP) and coloramas catch the attention of waiting travelers and create countless impressions. Then in the city of Oslo you can place your ads on billboards, like the extensive network of city light boards (CLB), to create a double recognition. Get your advertising rolling on the streets by placing your message on buses or trams. Be sure to reach your desired target group with outdoor advertising in Oslo.

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