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Cologne outdoor advertising

Cologne is a very vibrant city with countless tourists visiting the grand Cologne cathedral, and decision-makers and businesspeople visiting the many trade fairs. As a hub for the media and communication industry, Cologne also hosts many regular or special events attracting a national and international audience.

All over the city and around the trade center and media park, OOH media are available for short campaigns or long-term ads. The main traffic tangents are sided by advertising columns, city light posters (CLP), or city light boards (CLB) in the outstanding 18/1 format.

OOH at main train station in Cologne

Cologne central station is visited by 280.000 passengers and visitors daily. Due to its proximity to the cathedral and the central bus terminal it becomes even more important to start your outdoor advertising in and around the main station of Cologne. Here you can reach almost all target groups in one place.

Next to billboard ads you can also use Cologne’s transportation network to present your message to people on the move. Place your ads right at the Cologne airport, on buses, taxis, or trains. In bus shelters and train stations you can benefit from the commuter’s waiting time to make a long-lasting impression.

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