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Lisbon outdoor advertising

Lisbon is one of Europe’s old and historical cities and is, today, the political, economic, and cultural center of the Portugal. Five million tourists come into the city, each year. In addition to all the historical and modern sights the city has to offer year-round, Lisbon also offers a wide range of outdoor advertising opportunities.

Out of home options in Lisbon

Outdoor advertising in Lisbon works well for promoting your product in specific areas. Any successful outdoor campaign begins with your own location signage. Create a branding, even with little budget, and increase your sales and your reputation. Make countless impressions with citizens and tourist of Portugal’s capital and increase your visibility.  

Possibilities for OOH media in Lisbon:

  • Bus advertising
  • Digital billboard advertising
  • City light posters (CLP)
  • Taxi ads

Create eye-catchers with innovative designs and memorable message and place them on a cleverly situated networks of city light posters and benefit from a long-lasting branding.

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