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Paris outdoor advertising

Around 16 million foreign tourists per year visiting the famous Eifel tower, or Notre Dame cathedral. Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world behind London and Bangkok. The city is the political, economic, and cultural center of France and famous for its historical buildings, museums, and fashion.
Whatever the aim of your OOH campaign, or whatever budget you have, in Paris you can find an effective solution that suits you.

Below you find some of the OOH media in Paris

Outdoor advertising allows brands to get in touch with their customers in many chreative ways. Incorporate innovative messages and creative designs to catch the attention of people on the steets of Paris.

  • Airport advertising i.e. digital screens, backlit surfaces
  • Bus advertising i.e. full cover, traffic boards, super rear
  • Billboard advertising i.e. networks of city light boards (CLB) or city light posters (CLP)
  • Taxi advertising i.e. full cover, door covers or taxi roof

Create your successful media plan by choosing or combining outdoor advertising media in Paris and be sure to reach your desired target group and make countless impressions with an international audience in Paris.  

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